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Westport Tech Museum is a private museum in Westport, Connecticut, started and owned by an 18-year-old, that features over 400 unique exhibits of vintage technology and 80s nostalgia! It has been published in local and state newspapers, and has appeared on television!

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    WTM was proud to be featured in the Dan Woog's "Westport News 06880", Connecticut Post, Norwalk Hour, on "The Lisa Wexler Show" on WICC Radio, and News 12 Connnecticut!

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Started in 2020 by a 14-Year-Old!

Jay Babina started Westport Tech Museum in January 2020 at age fourteen with only 15 exhibits! Now, 400 items and over 4 years later, Westport Tech Museum has grown immensely!

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  • Suzanne Goldklang - News 12 CT

    "We had a lot of fun visiting and doing a story for News 12. You definitely learn a lot and revisit memories!"

    (June 23, 2023)

  • Jeremy B. - FaceBook

    "This is a really cool way to do an at-home setup! I'm impressed at how you managed to set up so many ready to be used machines! This is how all collections should be!"

    (April 17, 2024)

  • Trish B. on FaceBook

    "Congratulations on putting together an amazing and informative display of technology, innovations, and memorabilia, WTM!"

    (January 11, 2024)