Donate an Item

Westport Tech Museum is currently looking for these items!  If you have any of these items (or other items you think are cool), and would like to donate, please click "Contact Us" and let us know! 

Over 57% of the items in Westport Tech Museum have been donated! Become part of that 57% today!

We also take tech donations we can resell, and put the money earned towards future museum items and upkeep!

Computer Wish List

Tandy Color Computer (COCO)
Commodore PET 2001 Series
Commodore SX-64
Macintosh Portable
Appe Lisa I / II
Apple I
Altair 8800
Macintosh TV
NeXT Cube/Computer
Commodore KIM-1
GRiD Compass 1101
Epson HX-20
Apple III
Kaypro II
Original Apple II
Compaq Portable I
Compaq 286
Toshiba T1000SE 

Video Game Wish List

Coleco Adam
Nintendo ROB
Virtual Boy
Atari Lynx I
Donkey Kong Game & Watch
Mattel Football
Atari Jaguar
Commodore CD-TV
Original Neo Geo 
Sega Saturn

Phones / Pagers

Motorola Tango Pager
Motorola's Pageboy I
iPhone (Original / Model 2G)
IBM Simon Smartphone
Motorola DynaTAC 8000x
Nokia 9000 Communicator 
Palm Pilot 1000
Danger Sidekick

Calculators / Watches

Sanyo ICC-0081 / Canon Pocketronic / Sharp QT-8B
HP-01 Calculator Watch
Anita MK-8

Audio / Video Wishlist

Phillips "RadioRecorder" Boombox
Toshiba SD-3000 DVD Player
SaeHan/Eiger MPMan F20/F10
Cassette Single "C-30 C-60 C-90 Go" from Bow Wow Wow (Catalog # TCEMI 5088)
Billy Joel's 52nd Street (Japanese)
Regency TR-1
Sony Walkman TPS-L2
Pioneer MCA DiscoVision PR-7820
Sony BetaMax SL-8200


IBM Electromatic
IBM Selectric I


Zenith Space Commander 400 Remote
Magellan NAV 1000 GPS