FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • When did you start your museum?
    Westport Tech Museum was started on January 11, 2020.
  • Where do you find your products?
    I find my products on eBay, Flea Markets, Tag and estate sales, and family member, friend, and community member donations. 
  • How do you support your museum?
    I support my museum with my eBay business. 
  • Do you take donations?
    YES! See our donation page for more information!
  • Who writes the informational paragraphs?
    I do! I research and write them myself!
  • What are some of your favorite items?
    I like my Hallicrafters, Amiga 1000, Magnavox Odyssey and many more items!
  • What item do you want most for your collection?
    I want an Apple Lisa most! 
  • What is the oldest item in your museum?
    My oldest item is the Linesman Telegraph key set from the 1870's. 
  • What is your most favorite find?
    I loved when I found my Magnavox Odyssey unexpectedly at the Flea Market!
  • Do all of your items work?
    Not ALL of them work, but a majority of the items do work. 
  • Can I visit your museum?
    No, it is not open to the public. 
  • Will your museum ever be open to the general public?
    Eventually, it may be open to the public!