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Apple iPod Classic (2001-2005)

Apple iPod Classic (2001-2005)


Models on Display

iPod Classic 1st Generation 

The iPod was announced by Apple co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, on October 16, 2001. It was released on November 10,  2001. It had a marketing slogan of "1,000 songs in your pocket". The original iPod had 5GB of memory, and a little less than a year after release, a 10GB model was released of the 1st Gen iPod. The first generation iPod could only be used with Apple operating systems, but Apple made the iPod compatible with Windows with the second generation. The 1st Gen iPod was discontinued in late 2002 when the 2nd Gen iPod was released. 

Donation: Donor from local "Gift Economy" Group

iPod Classic 2nd Generation 

The second generation iPod was released by Apple on July 17, 2002. This updated iPod looked almost identical to the previous model, although a few minor changes were made. The scroll wheel, that used to actually move, was now changed to a "touch wheel" that did not move but detected the fingers movements. Another difference was that this model was Microsoft Windows compatible, meaning that the music could be downloaded from a Windows PC. 

iPod Classic 5th Generation

The iPod Classic 5th Generation was released on October 12, 2005. Also known as the iPod Video, it was released shortly after the iPod Nano. The 5th Gen had a new feature that had not come out with previous iPod models. It could play videos and movies, which was a big step from the previous models ability to show photos. It sold for a price between $299-$399 and it was the last model of the iPod to feature a plastic face.

Donation: Alan & Jeanie Sacks

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