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Sony Discman Line (1984-2000)

Sony Discman Line (1984-2000)

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Models on Display

Sony D-5 

The Sony D-5 CD player was the first portable CD player ever released. It was released in November 1984, just two years after the CD was developed and one year after the Sony CDP-101 (the first CD player) was released in North America. It sold for a price of $350 in 1984, which was half the price of full sized players of the time. The Sony D-5 was the North American version of the D-50, but they had the same exact features and looked the same. The D-5 started the Discman line of CD players, that ran until 1997.

Source: eBay Auction 

Sony Discman D-121

This Sony CD player was released in 1993.

Source: Elephants Trunk Flea Market 

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