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RCA Portable VHS Player BLV552 & VHS Tapes (1977, 2002)

RCA Portable VHS Player BLV552 & VHS Tapes (1977, 2002)

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RCA Portable VHS Player 

This Portable VHS Player was released by RCA in 2002. 

VHS Tape History 

On June 4, 1977, The VHS format (Video Home System) was introduced in the United States before the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. It was introduced two years after it's rival, Betamax by Sony, and was developed by JVC in 1976. It competed heavily with the Betamax format and ultimately made Beta obsolete. VHS were still being made until its discontinuation in 2006, just shy of it's 30 year anniversary. The last movie to be released on VHS was "A History of Violence".

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