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Atari 2600 / 5200 VCS Video Computer System (1977-1982)

Atari 2600 / 5200 VCS Video Computer System (1977-1982)


Models on Display

Atari Video Computer System (2600) "Heavy Sixer"

Atari released their first cartridge-based video game system in September 1977, called the Atari Video Computer System. ROM Cartridge video games had been pioneered a year earlier by Fairchild Camera & Instruments, with the Fairchild Channel F. It sold for a price of $189.95 at release, and was bundled with Combat. Upon release, Atari released 9 game titles - with the first successful one being Space Invaders in 1980. In 1981, Atari began to bundle the console with Pac-Man, which became the VCS’s best-selling game. In 1982, Atari re-branded the VCS to be the 2600, which was prompted by the release of the 2600’s successor, the Atari 5200. During its lifetime, the Atari 2600 underwent 6 redesigns, including the release of the Atari 2600 Junior in 1986, and sold an estimated 30 million units. The 2600 was discontinued in January 1992, upon the news of Atari’s bankruptcy.

Source: Elephant's Trunk Flea Market

Atari 5200

Atari released the successor to the Atari 2600 in 1982 with the Atari 5200. It was meant to compete directly with the Intellivision, but wound up competing more with the ColecoVision. The 5200 shipped with the 1978 hit game, Super Breakout, while the ColecoVision shipped with the newly released home version of Donkey Kong. In 1984, Atari revealed that they were going to discontinue the Atari 5200 after two short years on the market because they released the Atari 7800. The Atari went on to sell 1 million units.

Source: Estate Sale

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