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Apple Macintosh PowerBook 100 Series (1991)

Apple Macintosh PowerBook 100 Series (1991)


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Apple Macintosh PowerBook 170 

The first three PowerBook models - the 100, 140, and 170 - were released on October 21, 1991. They were released after the failure of Apple’s first portable computer, the Macintosh Portable, in 1989. The original Macintosh Portable weighed a whopping 16 lbs, while the high-end PowerBook model, the 170, only weighed around 7 lbs.The original Macintosh PowerBooks are considered Apple’s first successful laptops. The PowerBook 100 was considered the low end model, while the 170 was considered the high-end model which cost over $4500! The PowerBook 140 was in the middle. Instead of a mousepad, which wouldn’t appear on Apple laptops until years later, the computer used the signature trackball. The computers sold very well, which opened the door for many more PowerBook models to be released later, including the PowerBook Duo models and the PowerBook G4. The PowerBook line was discontinued on May 16, 2006, with the introduction of the MacBook line.  

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Apple PowerBook 165 

The Macintosh PowerBook 165 was released by Apple computer on August 16, 1993. This model is almost identical to the PowerBook 160 (the model it replaced), although this model was a faster processor. It could only support a grayscale internal display, but could support an external color supply also. The PowerBook 165 was discontinued on July 18, 1994. It was, at one point, the cheapest laptop offered by Apple. 

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