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Apple iPhone - First Generation iPhone (2007-2008)

Apple iPhone - First Generation iPhone (2007-2008)

Apple, Inc.

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Apple iPhone 2G 

On June 29th, 2007, Apple officially released its first mobile phone, the "iPhone" in the United States! Officially announced on January 9th, 2007, the iPhone took a major part in the evolution of the smartphone, most-notably by eliminating the use of a stylus on a touchscreen and instead having users use their finger. Upon release, a survey said that six out of ten Americans knew that the iPhone was coming. As a result, thousands of people waited outside of Apple and AT&T stores days prior to launch, with the stores being heavily guarded by security to prevent a situation similar to the riots at the Playstation 3's launch in 2006. Within an hour after release, many stores reported stock shortages. The iPhone sold for a price of $499. Apple sold approximately 6.1 million iPhones by the time the first model was discontinued in July 2008. The iPhone quickly became Apple's most successful product, playing a key role in establishing Apple as the world's most profitable company.


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