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Sony Trinitron Color TV Line (1968-1996)

Sony Trinitron Color TV Line (1968-1996)


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Sony Trinitron 

The Sony Trinitron TV line was introduced by Sony in Japan in 1968, with a release in North America a year later. Although the sets were high-end and pricey, the Trinitron line was praised by critics and quickly became THE color TV to buy into the early-1990's. Sony even won an Emmy Award for the Trinitron in 1973! The patent for the Trinitron ran out in 1996, and the market was quickly flooded with lower-cost alternatives.
Here is a 1972 Trinitron Color TV set with a 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) hooked up to it.
Source: Estate Sale, Norwalk, CT
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