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Lawn Darts - "Jarts" (C. 1950-1989)

Lawn Darts - "Jarts" (C. 1950-1989)


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Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts date back to the 1950s, when a few toy manufacturers decided to bring the game, which was popular in bars, to homes. The game consists of giant plastic darts with pointy, metal tips. The goal of the game was to throw the darts into (or nearest to) a circle in the yard that was marked off with a plastic hose. Starting in the 1970s, a public movement to outright ban lawn darts emerged in the U.S. after the three kids were killed and thousands were injured with the toy. By 1989, lawn darts were banned for sale in North America. They are still legal in Europe to this day.

Source: Estate Sale, Norwalk, CT

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