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Nintendo Famicom & Nintendo Entertainment System (1983-1996)

Nintendo Famicom & Nintendo Entertainment System (1983-1996)

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Nintendo Famicom & Nintendo Entertainment System 

The Video Game Crash of 1983 was when a whole bunch of bad video games and consoles flooded the market and scared the U.S. out of video games. In 1983, Nintendo tested their new cartridge-based video game console, the Famicom (Family Computer), exclusively in Japan. It sold very well and eventually Nintendo released their North American cartridge based console, the Nintendo Entertainment System on October 18, 1985. Sales of the console were slow at first since the American video game market was still suffering from the crash. To boost sales, Nintendo bundled the NES with an electronic, friendly robot toy named R.O.B. for a short time in 1985 to show the NES was a “friendly” and safe console to buy. Their marketing strategy worked and Nintendo sold almost 62 million units by the time the NES was discontinued in 1996. The NES revived the American video game market and became one of the most iconic video game consoles of all time!

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