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Apple Macintosh 128K - First Generation Macintosh (1984-1985)

Apple Macintosh 128K - First Generation Macintosh (1984-1985)


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Apple Macintosh 128k

The Macintosh 128K was the first entry into the Macintosh line. The computer was the first commercially-successful computer to feature a mouse and a Graphical User Interface - both were features that Steve Jobs stole from XEROX Parc on a visit in 1979. The Macintosh was unveiled with an expensive commercial directed by Ridley Scott, which aired just once at the 1984 Super Bowl on January 22, 1984. The commercial was based on the classic George Orwell novel, “1984”, and showed the words, “On January 24, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won't be like 1984.” at the end. The Macintosh 128K sold for a price of $2,495 at release. The box art was designed by artist Pablo Picasso. The computer was extremely successful upon release, selling 70,000 units by May 1984. The Macintosh 128K was ultimately discontinued in October 1985 and
replaced by the Macintosh 512K and Plus.

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