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Macintosh SE/30 (1989-1991)

Macintosh SE/30 (1989-1991)

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Apple Computer, Inc.

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Apple Macintosh SE/30

The Macintosh SE/30 was released by Apple Computer on January 19, 1989 for a price of $4,369! It is often considered to have the fastest booting time of the original black-and-white Macintosh series. It featured one floppy disk drive instead of the two featured on the original Macintosh SE, but included a hard drive. Apple offered a $1700 logic board upgrade to those with the original Macintosh SE, that would convert the computer to the SE/30. The Macintosh SE/30 stayed in production through the release of the Macintosh Classic in 1990, but was discontinued soon after with the introduction of the Macintosh Classic II in October 1991.

Donation:  Howard Greenspan

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