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iPhone 4 - Fourth Generation iPhone (2010-2013)

iPhone 4 - Fourth Generation iPhone (2010-2013)

Apple, Inc.

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iPhone 4 

The iPhone 4 was a fourth-generation iPhone model, released by Apple on June 24th, 2010, after a June 7th unveiling. The iPhone 4 was infamously leaked prior to the unveiling, after a lost iPhone prototype got into the hands of the huge online technology reviewer, Gizmodo. The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone to have a flat case, which was described by Steve Jobs to be the thinnest smartphone available at the time. It was also the first iPhone to include a front-facing camera, which made Apple's new video chat service, "FaceTime", possible as well as making selfies easier! The iPhone 4 was a huge market success (selling over 600,000 pre-ordered phones within 24 hours), even though it received bad publicity for a potential antenna problem. The iPhone 4 had one of the longest lifespans of any iPhone model ever produced, spanning close to four years on the market when it was discontinued in September 2013.

Donation: Alan & Jeanie Sacks

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