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Apple Newton MessagePad Line (1993-1998)

Apple Newton MessagePad Line (1993-1998)

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Apple Newton MessagePad H1000

The Apple Newton MessagePad was a line of Personal Digital Assistants released from 1993 until 1998. The first device in this line, with model number H1000, was Apple’s first handheld device. Newton was too ahead of its time with its handwriting recognition software. Not only that, but the software couldn’t detect the handwriting very well which led to slow sales. Even though the first device was a failure, Apple released more models, all with improved handwriting recognition. But unfortunately, by the time the software caught on, the market was already dominated by the Palm Pilot. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he eliminated the Newton project.

Source: eBay Auction

Apple Newton MessagePad 130 

The Apple Newton MessagePad 130 was released in 1996 as the third model of the Apple Newton. It was the first Newton with a back lit screen. 

Source: eBay Auction

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