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Eastman Kodak Kodachrome Color Slides (1947)

Eastman Kodak Kodachrome Color Slides (1947)

Eastman Kodak

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Kodachrome History:

Kodak released Kodachrome slides in 1935, during the Great Depression. It was one of the first successful color materials and was used for both cinematography and still photographs. Originally, independent photography stores were prohibited from developing Kodachrome  and consumers had to mail in their photos to be developed by Kodak. In 1954, he U.S. found this to be a violation of the antitrust law, and Kodak was required to sell Kodachrome film without the development fee and to license Kodachrome technology to independent photography stores. Due to the growth in popularity of alternative photographic materials and eventually digital photography, Kodachrome lost traction. Kodak stopped manufacturing Kodachrome in 2009, and stopped processing it in late 2010. 

Kodachrome Slides 

These slides are photos of my grandmother from circa 1947. My great-grandfather took and processed these photos himself, making these very early color slides. 

Donated by: John and Carol Babina 

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