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IBM Personal Computer Line (1981-Present)

IBM Personal Computer Line (1981-Present)

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IBM PC Model 5150

The IBM PC, also known as the IBM 5150, was released on August 12, 1981 for $1565. It was created by a team of people in Boca Raton, Florida directed by Don Estridge. The computer faced fierce competition from Apple’s Macintosh product line. It sold well and was eventually discontinued on April 2, 1987 after 5 ½ years in production. Today, the IBM PC is one of the most iconic personal computers of all time and is considered to have started the PC craze in the 1980’s.

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IBM PCjr. 

With the success of the business-aimed IBM PC 5150, IBM decided to aim more towards the home market. In March 1984, IBM released the IBM PCjr., a lower cost alternative to the IBM PC. Announced in November 1983, the computer retailed for $1269 at release. The computer originally shipped with the first commercially available wireless keyboard, (IBM called it the “Freeboard”). Unfortunately, people disliked the feel of the chiclet keys and due to the unpopular keyboard, the computer turned into a market failure, selling only 270,000 units by the time it was discontinued in May 1985. 

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