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Motorola MicroTAC Line (1989-1998)

Motorola MicroTAC Line (1989-1998)


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Motorola MicroTAC History:

The Motorola MicroTAC line was the successor of the DynaTAC line (1984) and was released by Motorola on April 25, 1989. The first model in the line, the 9800X, was the smallest and lightest phone available at the time. The phone was designed to fit in a shirt pocket, and had an iconic cover that flipped over to protect the keypad which featured the Motorola logo. The MicroTAC line was discontinued in 1998 and was replaced by the StarTAC, which was the first flip-phone.

Motorola MicroTAC DPC 550 

The Motorola MicroTAC DPC 550 (Digital Personal Communicator) was a phone released by Motorola in 1992. It featured an 7-character green or orange screen. 

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Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite XL 

In 1992, Motorola released the Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite XL. It was a bigger version of the Ultra Lite model, released the same year. It featured a cover, that flipped over the keyboard to protect it and for easy portability.

Donated by: Louis Avanti 

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