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Mobile Pagers (1975-2000)

Mobile Pagers (1975-2000)

Motorola & RIM

Models on Display

RIM Blackberry 962

RIM released the Blackberry 962 pager in 1998. It had the code name of "Leapfrog" during development. This pager was a part of the 1st generation of Blackberry pagers, released before their entry into the smartphone market.

Donated by: Joe G. 

Motorola Pageboy II

The Motorola Pageboy II was a very popular pager released in 1975 by Motorola. Back then, to receive a page, the person who wanted to call you would call the Pager company and tell them to page you, and you would go to the nearest phone and call to talk to them.

Source: eBay Auction 

Motorola Talkabout 

This pager, the Motorola Talkabout, was made and released in 2000 by Motorola. It was one of the first two-way texting pagers. Yes, Motorola was a first in a lot of things!

RIM Inter@ctive Pager 900

RIM (Research in Motion), who was later known for their Blackberry line of smartphones, released this two-way pager in 1996 with RAM Mobile Data, Inc. It was one of the first wireless data devices.

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