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NeXT Computer Line (1988-1997)

NeXT Computer Line (1988-1997)

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NeXT Computer Story 

After Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple in 1985, he took several employees with him and started another computer company, NeXT Computer. Their first product was released in 1988, and was called the NeXT Computer. It was the shape of a cube, so it was commonly referred to as the NeXT Cube. It had a price of $6500 and was eventually discontinued in 1991. Only 50,000 NeXT computers were sold out of all models, making the company a commercial failure. In 1997, Apple bought the failing company and brought Jobs back to Apple. 

NeXTstation Color

The NeXT computer model seen here is the NeXTstation Color, released in 1991 and had a price of $6500. It was discontinued in 1993.

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