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Nintendo DS (2004)

Nintendo DS (2004)


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Nintendo DS

The original Nintendo DS, the "DS" standing for "Developers System" was released by Nintendo in November 2004 in North America. This console introduced new features to handheld gaming, including two backlit LCD screens working together (the bottom one was a touchscreen), a built in microphone, and wireless connectivity. The system had a "clamshell" design meaning the top folded down to make it more compact. Also, people could interact online with Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service. It faced fierce competition from Sony's Playstation Portable, and ultimately won. In 2006, Nintendo released the slimmer, DS Lite and in 2008, they released the DSi. By the time the DS line was discontinued, Nintendo had sold 154 million units, making it the best selling Nintendo system, AND the best-selling handheld console of all time!

Source: Retro Games Plus 

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