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Osborne 1 "Luggable" Computer (1981-1983)

Osborne 1 "Luggable" Computer (1981-1983)


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FIRST:  First Commercially-Successful Portable Computer

Osborne 1

Adam Osborne, previously an author of computer “how-to” books, started Osborne Computer Corporation in 1980. Their first product was the Osborne 1, released on April 3rd, 1981. It is considered to be the first commercially-successful portable computer. The Osborne 1 weighed a whopping 24.5 lbs, which earned it the better-fitting name of a “luggable” computer. The main purpose of its design was for the computer to have the ability to fit under an airplane seat. It initially sold for a price of $1,795. The computer sold well, and eventually Osborne released the Osborne Executive. Unfortunately, though, the release of smaller, more affordable portable computers in the years following the Osborne 1’s release led to the downfall of Osborne Computer Corporation. Osborne filed for bankruptcy in 1983, and went defunct in 1985.

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