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Palm, Inc. PDA's (1996-2008)

Palm, Inc. PDA's (1996-2008)

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Palm Pilot Personal

The Palm Pilot Personal is part of the second-generation of Palm devices. It was released alongside the Palm Pilot Professional on March 10, 1997. These devices were the first Palm PDA's to have back lit screens. 

Donated by: Jake Glaser 


Palm V 

The Palm V was a personal digital assistant (PDA) released by 3Com under the Palm brand in 1999. Upon release the Palm V cost $500, equivalent to $810 in 2021, though by January 2000, the price had decreased to around $300. The units sold in 1999 came with Palm OS 3.0, though users could download version 3.3 later on. Unlike earlier Palm devices, the Palm V came with a built in rechargeable battery, that had an expected battery life of 1-2 weeks! Also, unlike earlier Palm's, the device came equipped with a backlight on the screen, so the screen could be seen in the dark. 

Donated by: Brian Quinn


Palm Portable Keyboard 

The Palm Portable Keyboard was released in 1999. It unfolds into a full-size keyboard, and folds back into a compact package for easy storage.

Donated by: Joe G. 


Palm m105

This PDA was released by 3Com in 2000.

Donated by: Andrea P. 

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