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Palm Pilot Line (1996-1997)

Palm Pilot Line (1996-1997)

Palm Computing, Inc.

Models on Display

Palm Pilot 5000

The Pilot 5000 was one of the first two PDAs released as the First-Generation Palm devices on March 10, 1996. The device was released alongside the Palm Pilot 1000. Both these devices were very similar to the second-generation Palm devices (the Pilot Personal and Professional), but lacked the backlight feature the later models possessed. In 1997, Palm was sued by Pilot Pen, and was forced to remove the "Pilot" from their product names. 


Palm Pilot Personal 

The Palm Pilot Personal is part of the second-generation of Palm devices. It was released alongside the Palm Pilot Professional on March 10, 1997. These devices were the first Palm PDA's to have back lit screens.

Donated by: Jake Glaser 

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