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Radio Shack Realistic Line (1969-2000)

Radio Shack Realistic Line (1969-2000)

Radio Shack

Models on Display

Realistic TRC-205 

This CB Radio, released by Radio Shack under the Realistic brand, was released in 1984. CB radios were used mostly by truck drivers, and each truck driver had a nickname. In the 1970's novelty song, Convoy, you can hear truck drivers talking through CB radios referring to each other by their nickname, for example, the Rubber Duck. This CB radio model was actually featured in the Netflix series, Stranger Things. 

Source: Elephants Trunk Flea Market

Realistic Flavoradio 12-202A 

Radio Shack's brand, Realistic, mostly produced audio products. The Realistic Flavoradio 12-202a was a transistor radio released in 1993. It came in a variety of colors including a hot pink color.

Source: eBay Auction 

Realistic Minisette-9

The Realistic Minisette-9 was a tape recorder released by Radio Shack in 1982 under the Realistic brand. This tape recorder was used by Timex Sinclair 1000 users to load programs onto their Timex Sinclair computer.

Donated by: John Jr. & Carol Babina 

Realistic Micro-20

This Realistic tape recorder uses smaller cassettes known as Micro-cassettes. This tape recorder was released in circa 1995. 

Donated by: John Jr. & Carol Babina 

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