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Sony Betamovie BMC-110 (1983)

Sony Betamovie BMC-110 (1983)


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Sony Betamovie BMC-110 

The Betamovie BMC-110 was the first commercially-released camcorder available to the public. It was released by Sony in 1983. Interestingly, this camera uses the failed Sony Betamax video format to record video. Unfortunately, the camera lacked a playback feature that became popular on future camcorder models. 


Home Videotape War History

Sony released the Betamax format, in Japan, in May 1975. Nearly two years later, the VHS tape was released. Although the VHS format had shorter recording capacity and had bigger dimensions, Betamax became obsolete as VHS ultimately won the "home videotape format war". Despite this, Sony continued the Beta format until 2016. 

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