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Sony Walkman MZ-1 and Sony MiniDisc (1992)

Sony Walkman MZ-1 and Sony MiniDisc (1992)

Westport Tech Museum

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Sony Walkman MZ-1 

The Sony Walkman MZ-1 was the world's first commercial MiniDisc recorder, released in North America in November 1992. As with the release of the Cassette recorder by Philips in 1963, the emphasis on the machine was the portability. It used a slot-loading mechanism to load the newly-released MiniDisc, instead of the clamshell design used for later MiniDisc recorders. The MZ-1 had the ability to record up to 74 minutes, although 80 minute discs were released later. 

Sony MiniDisc (MD) 

The MiniDisc was an erasable disc-based storage format offered by Sony starting in November 1992 in North America (September 1992 in Japan). The MiniDisc combined the technologies of the 3.5" floppy disk and the Compact Disc (CD), which were two technologies developed by Sony. The MiniDisc was extremely successful in Japan, and although it was meant to succeed the cassette tape, it was not able to replace it. By March 2011, Sony had sold 22 million MiniDisc players, although they decided to halt further manufacturing. By March 2013, Sony had stopped production and sold the last of the players. 

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