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Sony Watchman Line (1982-2000)

Sony Watchman Line (1982-2000)


Models on Display

Sony Watchman FD-210

The original model of the Sony Watchman, the FD-210, in 1982 in Japan. It was the first television that could fit in your pocket. The device weighed 23 oz and had a CRT display. The device had a price of 54,800 Yen in 1982 upon release. The device was released in Europe and North America in 1984.

Source: Estate Sale 

Sony Watchman FD-20A

The Sony Watchman FD-20A was released in 1984. It was a lighter model than the 210, and was powered on 4 AA batteries instead of a 6-Volt power supply. The case was also made of plastic on this model. 

Donated by: Dan Cassin

Sony Watchman FD-230

This Sony Watchman was released in 1991. 

Donated by: Chris K. 


Fun Fact: 

Unfortunately, Sony Watchman's no longer receive a signal due to all television broadcasting in the United States being digital instead of the Analog signals needed. 

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