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Tandy 1000 EX Personal Computer (1986)

Tandy 1000 EX Personal Computer (1986)

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Westport Tech Museum

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Tandy 1000 EX 

The Tandy 1000 EX was released in December 1986 for a price of $1000. It featured a built-in 5.25” floppy disk drive. The 1000 EX was a lower-cost alternative to the Tandy 1000 along with the Tandy 1000 HX (released in 1987). It shipped with Microsoft MS-DOS 2.11. The Tandy 1000 EX and HX were the most popular and best-selling models in the Tandy 1000 line because of their low price and affordability. 

Gifted by:  George F. 

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