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Test Equipment & Meters (1948-1980)

Test Equipment & Meters (1948-1980)

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Triplet 3423 Tube Tester 

This tube tester was released by Triplet in 1959. It was used to test the functionality of Vacuum tubes, which were used mostly in radios and televisions back then.

Source: Estate Sale

Bell & Howell Model 34

This is a Bell & Howell Model 34 Oscilloscope released around 1970. Oscilloscopes are used for testing the electricity in something.

Source: Estate Sale

General Electric Ammeter 

This Ammeter was a meter produced by General Electric. It is dated "1948" on the certificate attached to the lid. I got this at an Estate sale of a person who used to work at GE, (see the Triplett Tube Tester I got there, too), and was probably awarded this in the 1940's. 

Source: Estate Sale


This barometer was released by Taylor Instruments around 1950. A barometer tests the barometric pressure in the air. It was used by adding red ink into the pointer and the pressure would move the hand up and down, drawing a line that determines the barometric pressure for one week.

Source: Elephant's Trunk Flea Market

Frequency Counters (HP & Heathkit)

A frequency counter released by Hewlett Packard around 1970. A frequency counter tests the frequency of electricity. Also seen here is a frequency counter made by Heathkit in 1977. 

Source: Estate Sale

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