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Typewriters (1912-1938)

Typewriters (1912-1938)


Models on Display

Hammond Multiplex

The Hammond Typewriter Company released the Hammond Multiplex in 1913. The company was based in New York, and they used a patented type-shuttle and hammer-type mechanism for the typewriter. It used a curved, metal wheel that had each letter in it that spun when youn typed a letter to type the correct character. Also, if you flipped the mechanism around, you could use "International mode" with international characters. 

Source: Elephant's Trunk Flea Market

Corona Portable Typewriter

This is a typewriter released by Corona around 1912. It is considered a portable model, with the top part being able to fold over the keyboard for easy portability. It was an extremely popular model, being discontinued in 1941. 

Donation: Alan & Jeanie Sacks

Royal Varsity 

The Royal Varsity was a portable typewriter released in 1938. It has rubber "Munsen Speed Keys" attached.

Source: Estate Sale

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